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In accordance with its goal of identifying human intelligence, Mensa holds testing sessions throughout the year. The Mensa Admissions Tests are administered by certified proctors and they can be taken only once. These tests are offered only to those 14 years of age and older. Younger candidates may apply for admission by submitting alternate evidence of qualification.

Northern Michigan Mensa administers the Mensa Admissions Tests in a group setting on prescheduled dates, or upon request. Registration for a testing session can be done in advance via phone or email, or it can be done on the day of published test dates. Please contact Dr. John D. Schultz, our Testing Coordinator, to arrange for a testing session. His email address is:, and his cell phone number is 231-640-4569).

The testing session scheduled for Saturday, November 30, has been CANCELLED. The'NEXT TESTING SESSION will be sometime in January or
February 2020. Please watch this space for notice of testing in 2020. FOR DETAILS AND TO SIGN UP, PLEASE CONTACT DR. JOHN D. SCHULTZ, PHONE 231-640-4569 OR EMAIL SPACE IS LIMITED.

Walk-ons are welcome at most Mensa testing sessions, but those who make contact in advance will receive preference in case more show up than seating allows.

The fee for testing is $60 (See SPECIAL NOTE below). This is less expensive than most IQ tests that are administered professionally. Mensa now provides the scores received on such tests along with a key that tells what percentile level is achieved on the test. Mensa uses these tests only to determine eligibility for membership (a minimum of the 98th percentile is required). Test-takers will normally be notified within three weeks about whether or not they have qualified for membership. We strongly encourage those who qualify to join.

Testing takes approximately an hour and a half. The registration fee may be paid by check (made out to American Mensa, Ltd.), by cash, or by charging to Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, or American Express. A photo ID is necessary, and candidates under the age of 18 must present a Testing Consent Form (signed by a parent or guardian) before being tested. The consent form may be printed from this Web site and signed in advance, or it may be signed in person by the parent or guardian at the time of the testing session. The MENSA ADMISSIONS TESTS are designed only for individuals who are 14 years of age or older. Some other tests, administered by qualified psychologists, are acceptable for those younger than 14.

American Mensa, Ltd. offers a free practice test online for those interested. In addition, a Mensa Home Test is available for more specific experience. It costs $18. Internet-based IQ tests are not accepted to qualify for Mensa, but they may provide an idea of what to expect from testing.

In lieu of our tests, Mensa also accepts results obtained on nearly 200 standardized intelligence tests. Submission of so-called "prior evidence" of a 98th percentile (or higher) achievement on any of these tests costs $60. Please visit American Mensa's Prior Evidence Page for more information.
SPECIAL NOTE: There is no charge to have prior evidence evaluated during November and December of 2019. The $60 charge will resume in January 2020.

Please note: Upon request, a non-language, culture-free battery of tests is also available for prospects who are dyslexic, do not speak English as their primary language, or have physical disabilities that prevent them from taking our other tests.

Northern Michigan Mensa holds many events during the year, including a monthly brunch, a bi-monthly book club, games nights, picnics, outdoor activities, and special events.

Thank you for your interest.

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